Can I use Steam wallet on RazeCards?
We can't fill your balance on RazeCards using your Steam wallet. You need to fill your RazeCards balance directly, we support most of payment methods.
I have paid to fill up the balance but it didn't change yet. What can I do with that?
Your refills might be delayed for 5-10 minutes. If the balance wasn't filled within an hour please contact the support: [email protected]
I am unable to sell the item because of modal window getting blocked at this tab. How can I solve that?
Close the tab and revisit the page. If that doesn't work you should clear the browser's history.
You have up to 24 hours to redeem you winning.
You'll get the full cost of the item on your RazeCards balance if you don't withdraw it within 24 hours.
Before using Razecards
Ensure you can trade on Steam otherwise our bot might be unable to send you the trade offer. You should be not trade banned and it should be at least 7 days since the last password change.
I have opened the case, how can I withdraw my item?
Click "Get" on the desired item in your profile, clicking "Get" on the bottom right will get you to the Steam trade page directly.
One of cases is grey and is unopenable, why?
The case might become temporarily unavailable if our bots are lacking some if items that are listed in it. These missing items will be purchased soon automatically.
I get an "Unable to send the item" error while trying to withdraw the item, what should I do?

Bots might be unable to trade you in following cases:

1. You are temporarily unable to trade (signed in into Steam on a new device, changed the email or password recently, got your Steam Guard settings changed, got VAC-banned).

2. Your inventory is not set to "Public" in privacy settings (How do I check it?)

3. Your profile trade URL should match the one on Steam.

4. Steam has some performance issues, the servers are loaded heavily. Try to get your winnings later.

If you still have some problems contact ([email protected])